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More About Us

It was September/2019 when I attended my 1st Comic Con in Sydney. And it was a great feeling to be in that “world”. After that, I tried to participate in the Comic Con in different countries, which due to COVID was not possible, till last year when I attended the Comic Con Baltics, even though it was great and a lot of people, I missed seeing more Vintage Comic Books. And I got myself asking why not? So, I had a small idea to have a Comic Book Shop and attend the Comic Con Baltics with my shop. And the small dream came through. This year we were at CCB with a small assortment of comics, statues, T-shirts, and more products. And it was awesome to see the reaction of our visitors.


Today, we're more concentrated on vintage Comics, MARVEL, and DC COMICS for sure. Sadly, not much of Manga's (sorry =/...).

Not many new releases and the majority of the comics are in English.


Why DC and Marvel? Well, it's because it came from the early years, the art or evolution of the art and also, you might be able to find yourself in some of the Heroes...but this is my opinion, what's yours? What and why do you like it?


Check out more in the Secret Station Shop about our assortment of comics, Clothes, Statues, and Games, if you don’t find what you're looking for, drop a message or reach out on social media, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

On social media, you can find more about upcoming editions and much more.

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