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Green Lantern 80-Page Giant (1998) 1 Grade: Near Mint11

Green Lantern 80-Page Giant (1998) 1 Grade: Near Mint11

14,00 €Price
Cover by Darryl Banks and Terry Austin. "Warriors Tales." 10 pages. Story by Ron Marz. Art by Tom Grindberg. In a framing sequence for the rest of the issue, Alan Scott, Guy Gardner and John Stewart meet at Warriors bar to exchange tales. Untitled. 10 pages. Story by James Robinson. Art by Mike Mayhew. In the 1940s, Alan Scott tracks a group of communist agents, but he may need the assistance of the Harlequin when they get the drop on him. "Before Id be a Slave." 10 pages. Story by Dennis ONeil. Art by Rodolfo Damaggio. Flying into space after hearing a racist politician, John Stewart encounters a stranded spaceship and finds that things are the same all over. "Law of the jungle." 10 pages. Story by Beau Smith. Pencils by Mitch Byrd. Inks by Dan Davis. On a jungle planet, Guy Gardner decides he doesnt need his ring to take down a group of barbarians. Might be a bad decision. "Lessons." 10 pages. Story and pencils by Dan Jurgens. Inks by Art Thibert. An alien destroys a plane Hal Jordan is testing. Now Jordan must find out why the pilot is more important to this being than the plane. "Shepherd." 10 pages. Story by Ben Raab. Pencils by Josh Hood. Inks by Jonathan Sibal. As a teenager, Kyle Rayner learns a lesson about friendship that will shape his future as a Green Lantern. "Whatever Happened to GNort?" 10 pages. Story by Ty Templeton. Pencils by Steve Ellis. Inks by John Lowe. Hes actually out chasing cars until he comes across… Catman! 80 pages. Full color. Cover price $4.95. Grade: Near Mint. Condition: Used (collectible)

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