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Incredible Hulks (2010 Marvel) 615 Grade: Near Mint11

Incredible Hulks (2010 Marvel) 615 Grade: Near Mint11

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Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN. Dark Son: Part 4 of 6 - Written by GREG PAK. Art by BARRY KITSON, TOM RANEY & SCOTT HANNA. As the Hulk's long-lost son Hiro-Kala rockets towards us across the solar system, Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers face a much more immediate threat -- three tons of Incredible Hulks cutting loose right here on Planet Earth! Forced to choose between his son and his planet, whose side will the Hulk take? And how will that affect his fragile bonds with his savage son Skaar and his even more savage wife, the Red She-Hulk? No one can save you like your family. But no one can drive you crazier. And when you're talking about a family of Hulks, it's that second part that makes the whole world tremble in fear. Written by 'Planet Hulk' scribe Greg Pak and featuring the Hulk debut of fan favorite penciller Barry Kitson. PLUS: the first two installments of the S.M.A.S.H. FILES, secret stories of the Incredible Hulks! 40 PGS.( Cover price $3.99. Grade: Near Mint. Condition: Used (collectible)

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