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Adventures of Captain America (1991) # 1 (9.0-Near Mint)


"First Flight of the Eagle!" Written by Fabian Nicieza. Art and cover by Kevin Maguire. Embossed Cover. it's 1940, and the war is raging in Europe. American Steve Rogers has just been rejected for military service. But Rogers desperately wants to join the fight for democracy. As fate would have it, he is chosen to participate in a top secret government experiment. Rogers must prove he has what it takes to become the super soldier! This is the story of the making of a living legend. For the first time, complete and unexpurgated, with many never-before-revealed details, it's the origin of the greatest hero of World War II - CAPTAIN AMERICA! 48 pages, FC. Cover price $4.95.

Adventures of Captain America (1991) # 1 (9.0-NM)

9,00 €Price
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